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Instructor Led Training

This package consists of a leader’s guide, suggested script, and PDF slides of Dr Shellock’s presentation in an easy to load format. Designed for facilities who wish to conduct live instructor led training, this course has the most current information specifically designed for non-clinical staff. The program contains much of the same information as in the Basic MRI Safety to Prevent Accidents and Injury in a format that promotes discussion and live interaction between presenter and audience.

Basic MRI Safety Program to Prevent Accidents and Injuries

The Basic MRI Safety Training Program provides basic information regarding MRI technology, describes common hazards and unique dangers associated with the MRI environment, and presents guidelines and recommendations to prevent accidents and injuries.

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Certificate Courses

Here you will find courses that are not accredited but are rich in content for a diverse audience.


CE Accredited

Designed for Radiologic Technologists and others who can use ARRT approved courses.


CME Accredited

Intended for Physicians, Nurses and others. These courses were approved by an ACCME provider.


CRA Accredited

These courses are designed and accredited for Certified Radiology Administrators by the AHRA.



Basic MRI Safety Package

1 copy of each of our Basic MRI Safety products. A $598 value, now just $399!

Package Includes:

1 copy of Dr....

ICD-10 Playing Cards and Training Game
Cards with the most important ICD-10 codes illustrated. Endless purposes:
  • Standard 52 card deck. From hold em'...
Ultimate Package

1 copy of each of our products. An $885 value, now just $649!

Package Includes:

1 copy of Dr Shellock’s book -...


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